Sunday, 4 October 2015

Cheway 2016 Recruitment

Passionate for community work? Humble to serve? Eager to learn about other culture? 

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Project Cheway is an overseas community involvement programme under NUS Chemical Engineering Student Society and it is on its 5th run for this year. Join Cheway 2016 now by sending us the following details to

1. Name
2. Contact Number
3. Citizenship and Race
4. First Choice of Sub Committee
5. Second Choice of Sub Committee
6. Indication of Interest in EXCO Position (Secretary, Treasurer, Head of Committees)
7. Short write up of your past experiences, personal strengths and weaknesses (Maximum 100 words)
8. Other Commitments

Deadline closes on 11 October 2015, Sunday
For more enquires, check out or email us at

- In charge of planning and organising fundraising events

- In charge of incorporating chemical engineering knowledge into games and problem solving

- In charge of organising manpower and activities

- In charge of planning and sourcing for the items needed for Cheway 2016

- In charge of social media and maintaining Cheway accounts (i.e. Facebook, Cheway Blog and Email Blasts to the Student Body).
- Responsible for taking photographs for events and activities organized by Cheway 2016
- Responsible for creating, printing and posting of publicity materials for events and activities organized by Cheway 2016

- Responsible for sourcing for sponsorship

Secretary (EXCO)
- Record and keep minutes of the meetings
- Maintain an up-to-date personal particulars of members at all times

Treasurer (EXCO)
- Keep, collect and disburse all finances.
- Account for all monetary transactions and their correctness.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Last but not least

HELLO everybody, tomorrow is our flight day and we are all so darned EXCITED about the trip:) It's really heartening to see a group of 30+ gradually come together and becoming like a family! Today is the last briefing/ team meeting before we fly and as the Project Director, I would say that we are all ready to explore a different world out there. 

Let's pray that lady luck will be kind to us! No Typhoon, no earthquake, less rain, less disruptions and definitely no MERS:)

Thank you NYC for coming down for the brief as well, it was really insightful to hear from 4 pretty ladies:)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

External Fundraising Event - Rag & Bone 2015

Once again, in an effort of raising funds for the Project Cheway that collaborates with Mercy Relief to assist our fellow Philippines in the typhoon-stricken Tacloban City, our team went out of school to raise awareness of the project and reach out to both Woodlands and Clementi communities for support!- Rag & Bone 2015

Team CHEWAY at Woodlands and Clementi neighbourhood

From distribution of flyers to the collection day of newspaper and old clothes, our hard at work CHEWAY volunteers go door to doorstop greet the residents and comb down level by level along with the items including plastic bottles and electronic goods.
After hours of working up a sweat, its time for LUNCH!

At last in the evening, all of us help to carry piles of newspapers down from each and every floor to the common point of the lobby, and then reloading the pile onto the lorry thereafter!

The event was a great success with the help of every each CHEWAY member and contributions from the residents!!😊




Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hey, it's me againnn! So this time, we had our first ever Cheway! Pre-camp!! AKA 2D1N camp, the objectives of this camp were to let the members discover the true purpose of OCIP and of course to further strengthen team bonds. For this camp, we had a very special guest, and that is none other than CAROL from Mercy Relief! It's the team's pleasure and honour to have her to break the hard truths to the team. Her facilitation style works wonder:)

So here are some pictures of the team being spontaneous during discussions:) And of course, our coolest VPD working harder than the secretary in writing XD Just kidding Wanyi, we love you <3

And we have some programmes trial, in terms of team building, experiments and traditional games. Kudos to Programmes for working really hard for both days!!

Some team building games for the team to get to know one another better:) And to find new couples of course ;)

Ops did a really creative Minecraft demonstration of the reed bed while L&P and Marketing drew their designs on the board to give the team an overview of the construction plans:)

And here we fill the remaining post with the handsome/pretty faces of Cheway!

Just want to shout out thank you to the team for being really patient with the PDs during the execution of the camp and always trying your best to participate in every activity. Even though we all have loads to learn for this project and there are quite a number of uncertainties, fret not. Because whatever we face, we face them together. Team Cheway! Woohoo! 29 more days :)

Saturday, 30 May 2015

EXCO Meeting: Keep the Secret :)

After a long hiatus, we decided to call for our first EXCO meeting in the holidays! While we are not going to leak out the content for the sake of self-discovery for the others, the leaders are satisfied with the outcome of the session. We are happy that everyone took away some learning (even for ourselves) through this activity. We should have attended the leader's workshop earlier on and conducted this session earlier. Look forward to seeing you guys again real soon!

On a bonus note, we crashed progs internal trial for awhile and we are quite impressed with the activities! Look forward to them for the 2D1N next week, Cheway peeps!

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Hello everyone!

We went to distribute flyers at Clementi and Woodlands yesterday for our upcoming recyclables collection event (LAST FUNDRAISING EVENT WOOHOO)!!! If you happen to stay around the area, please support us by bringing old newspapers, clothes, cans and plastic bottles, and approach any Cheway member (wearing Chemical engineering shirt) at any of the blocks stated in the flyers below:)

The flyer distribution event was a bonding session for us. The members at Woodlands ended their distribution with a lunch (they managed to finish giving out their flyers before lunch! Very efficient!) while members at Clementi bonded over morning breakfast :D and a chitchat session after getting koi. I would really like to thank everyone who made time to come for the flyer distribution yesterday! Here's a few shots from the Clementi area.

Playing around
Posing for a shot
Finally, a proper photo!
Lastly, I would like to thank the backstage crew, my Fundraising team for all your help, especially Jocelyn!!!
Missing Sandy and Zhi Wei:(
That's all for now!

Jing Zhen

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Cheway Team Meeting 5!

It was our 5th team meeting last Friday! Still remember our first team meeting at Nando's and our final group photo at the fountain (and we were all worried that the water would spurt out and drench us any moment)? Yeap, we've come a long way from there(: This 5th meeting also marks our first meeting after finals! So many things will be coming together this holiday, external fundraising, our pre-local cip, and our ocip! BE EXCITED AND LOOK FORWARD TO ALL THAT IS TO COME (:

Anyways, back to the meeting... we started off with a birthday surprise for our super on-task Secretary, Wan Yi!(: She is always prompt with her minutes and gets all the admin stuff collated by the deadlines. THANK YOU WAN YI!(: 

After which, we had team building games (as usual with every meeting)! But this time, we had Pei Ying, Ashvin and Frankie leading the games. The games were really fun and geeky (the charades one) but I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves fully during the games (even though some of the guys may have lost their voice from shouting the answers :/ ). So, a big thank you to the organizers for the awesome games(:

Now to the more serious stuff, we had our logs&pub leaders, Zhi Kang and Yi Xuan to showcase our Project shirt designs and of course for a (pretty long) round of voting to choose our favourite designs and colours. And then the external fundraising leaders, Jing Zhen and Jocelyn, gave a detailed briefing for the external fundraising arrangements!(: This is our last fundraising event, so team, LETS DO THIS WELL(: (More funds = more cost saved for the trip!) Not to forget, enjoy yourselves and the company of friends while you're at it!(: To end off the meeting, the team discussed on R&R plans and each sub-comm was tasked to plan for the team R&R activities for different 4-hour time slots!

Here are some photos!


Before I end this post, just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who are part of Project Cheway! 2015. It has been 7 months since the team had been formed, and we have indeed come a long way from not even being sure of where our project location was to finalizing things for all our different sub-comms. 

I really hope that all of you have enjoyed the journey thus far, and WE PROMISE (I know Jason and Gordon will be with me for this(: ) we will do our very very best to make this an experience to remember for all of you(: After going through the first half of our leadership course over the last weekend, we have gained so many insights and we've reflected a lot on what a YEP project really is and what a YEP leader has to do. But that shall be saved for sharing during 2D1N!(: We have so much that we want to tell all of you, so much that we hope to deliver for you guys at the end of this project(: